Private Sessions     30 min/ $75 

                                60 min/ $125

Spiritual Intuitive Readings - Turn an Ordinary life into an Extraordinary life!

SESSIONS: Improve Your Relationships - PDQ

SESSIONS: Improve Your Prayer Practice

Pet Readings


By Phone or In Person at my North Edmonds home.

Debit/Credit Accepted



What to expect - Transformation!

At the beginning of your reading, I will begin in silence as I listen to your Soul, Highest Guides and Angels tell me exactly what you need to know right then. You will listen and take notes if you desire.

Then I will give you an opportunity to ask questions and your Soul, Highest Guides and Angels will answer them. I will relay all messages.

For a 30 minute reading - you can ask 1 - 2 questions. For an hour reading - you may ask several questions.

After your questions are answered I will end the reading by doing an Oracle Card spread with one of my favorite Oracle Card Decks. This will give you additional information on one of your questions or a general reading.

Heal your relationships - from ordinary to extraordinary! Dysfunctional to Healthy!

During your session, we will go through the 7 Principles of Relationship Improvement and practice doing them together.

Improve Your Prayer Practice - Have an extraordinary life!

During your session we will go over the prayer techniques and principles that have worked for me over the past 16 years and practice them together.

Psychic-Intuitive Readings - During your reading - we will explore:

*What your Soul’s Intention is for this life time

*How to get things up and running

*Learn your Guardian Angels' names

*Problem Solving

*Ask and Receive Inspiring Messages

*Discover Your Karma

*Receive Empowerment

 Pet Readings:

What to expect:

*Ask and Receive Messages

*Learn What Is Best For Your Pet

*Divine Problem Solving

*What They Would Like To Eat

*Whether You've Been Together Before

*What Kind of Environment They Would Thrive In

I also send and receive messages from deceased pets in Heaven. Learn how they are doing, what they are doing and what they would like to tell you.


Improving Your Relationships - PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick!) -

Turn ordinary relationships into extraordinary relationships

Turn dysfunctional relationships into Healthy Relationships

7 Principles to Improving Your Relationships

Practice in your session!

Improving Your Prayer Practice -

Turn ordinary Prayer into Extraordinary Prayer

Have an extraordinary life through new prayer methods

Enjoyable principles to learn and practice in session!