Private Sessions     30 min/ $50

                                60 min/ $100

Angel Readings - Turn an Ordinary life into an Extraordinary life!


SESSIONS: Improve Your Relationships - PDQ

SESSIONS: Improve Your Prayer Practice

Pet Readings (alive or deceased)

Contact Deceased loved ones


By Phone or In Person at my North Edmonds home.

Cash/Debit/Credit Accepted



What to expect - Transformation!

At the beginning of your reading, I will begin in silence as I listen to your Soul, Highest Guides and Angels tell me exactly what you need to know right then. You will listen and take notes if you desire.

Then I will give you an opportunity to ask questions and your Soul, Highest Guides and Angels will answer them. I will relay all messages.

For a 30 minute reading - you can ask 1 - 2 questions. For an hour reading - you may ask several questions.

After your questions are answered I will end the reading by doing an Oracle Card spread with one of my favorite Oracle Card Decks. This will give you additional information on one of your questions or a general reading.

Heal your relationships -

Improve Your Prayer Practice -

Angel Readings - During your reading - we will explore:

*What your Soul’s Intention is for this life time

*How to get things up and running

*Learn your Guardian Angels' names

*Problem Solving

*Ask and Receive Inspiring Messages

*Discover Your Karma

*Receive Empowerment

 Pet Readings:

What to expect:

*Ask and Receive Messages

*Learn What Is Best For Your Pet

*Divine Problem Solving

*What They Would Like To Eat

*Whether You've Been Together Before

*What Kind of Environment They Would Thrive In

I also send and receive messages from deceased pets in Heaven. Learn how they are doing, what they are doing and what they would like to tell you.


Improving Your Relationships - PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick!) -

Turn ordinary relationships into extraordinary relationships

Turn dysfunctional relationships into Healthy Relationships

7 Principles to Improving Your Relationships

Practice in your session!

Improving Your Prayer Practice -

Turn ordinary Prayer into Extraordinary Prayer

Have an extraordinary life through new prayer methods

Enjoyable principles to learn and practice in session!