Prayer Inspirations

1. Take some deep breaths

2. Expand the feeling of LOVE in your heart

3. Immerse yourself into these powerful prayers

"Dear God - I surrender this situation into Your capable and loving hands. Thank You for placing me into Your capable and loving hands."

"Dear God - I have faith that all things are working together for my good. Thank You God for all of my blessings!"

"Dear God - I believe that this situation is under Your control and all things are well. Please Guide me and keep me nestled in Your loving hands."

"Dear God - I know that You are still on the Throne and are in control of this situation. Thank You God for handling this."

"Dear God - I trust You. "

"Dear God - Thank You for Your Favor in this situation."

"Dear God - I trust that You and I are on the same page...thank You for listening to my prayers."

"Dear God - I ask You for this or something better. Thank You!"

"Dear God - I love You. I love You so much."

"Dear God - Thank You. Thank You."