Golden Nuggets:

Your Guide to Practical Spirituality

By Mandy Arwén and Archangel Michael



Golden Nuggets: Your Guide to Practical Spirituality is a Divinely Inspired spiritual empowerment book written by Mandy Arwén and Archangel Michael. The chapters include concepts, ideas and Divine Perspectives that Mandy believes in. It is Mandy’s goal to energize her readers, broaden their perspectives, and encourage them to accommodate the changes that come.

This book is filled with guidance and wisdom that she has accumulated throughout her spiritual journey, which began in 2003. It is Mandy’s hope that once you have read a few chapters, you will begin to see with more clarity and with profound understanding. Each chapter begins with a poignant quote meant to develop your thinking about the subject it precedes.


Each of the chapters features guidance and beliefs that Mandy has established through the many workshops, conferences and lectures she has attended; the classes she has taken; the many books she has read; the spiritual intuitive readings she has given and received; and the information that also comes through Mandy’s intuition and inner guidance system - her conviction is that spirit works with us daily to help us expand and grow.

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