Homeless Man

After Unity Church and having lunch with my good friend, Mari, I went to Whole Foods to get dinner items on my way home. There on the sidewalk was an older gentleman in a wheelchair contritely asking for money. His teeth were all rotted and he showed me an awful wound he had on his leg which looked very serious but had obviously been attended to in a hospital nearby.

I started speaking with this man to comfort him and he asked for money but was very embarrassed about it. I eagerly gave him some money and he started crying saying thank you. He cried for quite some time and told me what was bothering him. 

Finally I asked him if he'd like me to pray with him. I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed to God asking Him to heal the man's anger and fill his heart with love, etc. He just kept crying and I felt very badly for his pain. When I left to go shopping he turned in his wheelchair and yelled "Thank you!!! You are Beautiful!". I thanked him and went about my shopping. When I exited the store he was no longer there.

I hate to get on my soap box, but some serious things need to be done to house America's homeless. They are not to blame for their inability to retain housing.  They are people just like you and me who have had one too many catastrophes or illnesses to maintain a home. Its devastating the way people walk or drive past them as if they are a bother...rarely do I see people giving these hungry folks any dinner money.

I don't have a solution to the problem, but I know that we HAVE a problem...with compassion and with logistics. We need to come together and stand up for these folks who need housing,  food and water. Protection from the outside. This is a rich country where we give most of the tax breaks to the rich and wealthy...how about we don't and spend some serious time and money fixing the homeless situation???

It breaks my heart when I see a homeless person on a corner and people just blatantly driving past them without giving them a few dollars to make their miserable lives just a little bit better. I know some of us think, "Well, they are just going to buy alcohol". Wouldn't you if you were homeless? And how do we KNOW what they are going to buy? We know for a fact that they are hungry, sometimes starving. They are also starving for affection and attention paid to them rather than the ignoring we do. They have nothing in the world and we just drive on past them making insulting silent commentary like "why don't they get a job". Really? What? That is not a well thought - out plan.

Our government doesn't even acknowledge that we have a homeless problem in America...it never comes up in debates or political agendas. They are a forgotten people and are treated with disdain. I wish Americans would wake up and see these people as the Divine God's Children that they are. They are, you know. They are God's children somehow being left behind.

I'll get down from my soap box now but please consider what I have said here today. Please have ultra compassion for these folks and give a few dollars when you see someone on a corner. It probably makes the difference between them going hungry that day or not. Thank you for considering my point of view. Blessings to you all and God Bless the Homeless.

Love Mandy

Mandy ArwenComment