God and the Doggies

We had peace for a while with our visiting pup (my son's dog) and then my son and his wife moved into the house with their pup. Chaos ensued! Their pup started rough housing with my little one (Bingo). He would see Bingo and come right at him - pushing him, shoving him, chasing him and bullying him. They got into hourly scuffles. 

The biggest problem with this is that it kept me from doing my work...it was disturbing to see a large dog roughing up my 8 pound pup - it caused me great stress and angst. It was all day long and my son's pup didn't respond to my vocal commands to stop.

My response to this was to lure him into a gated area with a treat and leave him there alone until I felt guilty and let him out, which is when he would go right for Bingo. It's like he was obsessed with doing this all day. My stress level rose to the level of praying daily for help. But no help came this time. I seemed to be on my own.

Then I was rereading a Catherine Ponder book called "Open Your Mind To Receive" and there were suggested prayers that I liked very much. I started praying these affirmative prayers to release the dog to his highest good in peace under grace thinking someone in the house would move out...either them or me.

Well a few days after starting these prayers I had lunch with a dear friend, Mari, at a Chinese restaurant after Unity Church. I was explaining my situation to her thoroughly (because I was upset) and she blurted out " have you tried a spritz with a spray bottle?" My first reaction was that it wouldn't bother the pup at all and not work, but I thanked her for her input and said I would think about it.

Later in that day I asked my son to have a conversation with me about the situation (it only happens when my son and his wife are not in the house or are not in his presence). I explained how much it was bothering me and that I could not get my work done day after day. His immediate reply was, "Try a spritz with a spray bottle. I used it when he was a young pup and it always worked." 

Well! If that wasn't a solution directly from God, what was? Two times in one day! The exact same idea! A light went off and I decided to place spritz bottles around the house in rooms where the behavior was happening. The next time he started in, I spritzed the general area where they were without getting it into their eyes...and guess what?! It worked!

The dog HATES IT! He runs away scared and stays out of the room for a long time and when he comes back he is contrite and stays on the opposite side of the room from Bingo. It's been four days since I started this and he hardly even starts this rough housing anymore. When he does - all I have to do is pick up the bottle and he tears into another room and stays there for a while. 

THANK YOU GOD! And thank you Catherine Ponder for your wonderful prayers of release. I was essentially releasing the problem to God to handle since it was out of my control at the time. The prayers gave God permission to intervene and hand me the very solution I needed without yelling at the pup, or putting him into "Puppy Prison" as I called the gated area. 

I use Catherine Ponder's prayers all the time now and I can hardly wait to see what other miracles occur. Thank You Lord for Your perfect plan and I do recommend this book as well as others on my website (www.SpiritualWellBeing.net) under "Book Recommendations". 

It feels so wonderful to have peace in the house finally and be able to work (pray/meditate/study/read/listen to radio shows on spiritual topics/do my Daily Divine Message/etc) calmly and not worry about when the next outburst would occur. Blessings to you all! Love Mandy

Mandy ArwenComment