Twin Flame!!!

I just met my Twin Flame! I was sitting and praying to God when I heard this song repeatedly playing through my mind by Karen Drucker.

It's lyrics are:

How could anyone ever tell you - you are anything less than beautiful

How could anyone ever tell you - you are less than whole

How could anyone ever tell you - you are anything less than beautiful

How deeply you're connected to my soul...

Isn't that a lovely song? So it was going round and round in my mind when I got the feeling it was being sent to me from Spirit. So I tuned in and felt it was my Twin Flame who I had never been introduced to before.

I asked if it was my Twin Flame and he said "Yes, my name is Orius...". We talked for about 20 minutes and I learned many things from him by asking questions. He was pleasant and serious sounding. Different from what I imagined my twin flame would be like.

I asked him where my tribe /my people are - and he said "Up here...". I said "I meant on Earth...". He said I should look into where ministers are and he would send me information on where to look.  I have no idea where to begin that task so I will wait for Divine Inspiration. 

How amazing to meet my Twin-Flame! I had always wondered when we would be introduced but was too afraid to ask in case he didn't come through. I thought he might be on Earth...I didn't realize he was in Heaven looking out for me. 

I really hope he comes through again and again. His voice was so gentle and loving. I enjoyed speaking with him and hope to receive more help from him in the near future. How nice it is to know we each have a TWIN either here on Earth or up in Heaven. There is something reassuring about that. Knowing there is someone who loves us unconditionally that we will meet up with in heaven and reunite.

I kind of wish he was here on Earth so we could get together as best friends or mates, but it is also lovely to know that when I cross over - he will be right there waiting for me. Very reassuring!

Thank You Orius for introducing yourself! This is a very special day for me! God Bless You!

Blessings, Mandy

Mandy ArwenComment