On-Air Reading on KKNW

Today I had an on-air reading with Claire Candy Hough on KKNW. The reading was fascinating! My Chronic Fatigue keeps popping up and slowing me down...I just can't heal it and I asked her Posse of Angels why.

The answer was so interesting! They told me that my exhaustion is a symptom of my not being authentic (my true self) with everyone around me. That I have a mask on for certain people and pull the mask off for others. This is true!

She said it was like I was being suffocated by this tendency and the exhaustion would linger until I showed who I really am to everyone in my life. This is very empowering to me - I had been contemplating the fact that I don't show everyone who I am and how it bothers me. But there is this fear of being judged or thought of as 'nutty'.

My real self is spiritual, empowered, God- loving- working for the highest good of all concerned, gives Spiritual Intuitive readings, talks with animals, gives readings to people who want to speak to their pets, I talk to toddlers' highest selves to find out why they are behaving the way they are...I pray constantly, meditate, think about God all day long, talk to God all day through and channel angels, archangels, guides, ascended masters and God every day.

This is a whole lot to swallow for people who don't believe in God and who think spiritual people are "off". There is always this fear that I will be mocked or abandoned for my beliefs and lifestyle. But Candy's Posse told me that being authentic with everyone might create a distant energy between me and others ...that relationships might change or break up. This is scary to me - we are talking about my adult children and parents.

There is always the chance that they would accept and welcome the newish "me" and everything would be fine and dandy. I would be so grateful for that scenario. So how do I START? Where do I begin? How do I tell them that they really don't know who I am fully and that I've been masking myself?

I am in the process of asking for Divine Guidance about this and actually I can't wait to start. If this is going to heal my exhaustion and I can go live a more normal life energetically and go about my days exactly as I wish to - its worth the "revealing" to me.

I really thank Candy and her Posse of Angels for this life-altering information. I feel as if I've been transformed. I see clearly how this CFS came about and I see clearly now how it will be healed and ended. I am so grateful.

I don't know where to begin, but God will guide me and We will do this incrementally, step by step. I have all the Faith I need to be successful. I Trust God and my Divine Coterie with this entire situation. I hope it's easier than it seems.

Blessings! Mandy.




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