"Our Peace Project"

I would like to form a Prayer Group called "Our Peace Project". This group would come together once a week (Saturdays from 11am - 12 noon PST) and pray for world peace very sincerely. Also I would have us pray for the United States' welfare. Also I would like this group to pray for one another and those who are hurting in our lives. "Our Peace Project" would be operating for the highest good of all concerned and would not be political in any way. 

This could be done in person at my home, or on ZOOM (a Skype-like conference video showing many people on screen at once). Or both at the same time. I would be the facilitator - yet I would welcome feedback and input from the group.

The world needs peace most of all. And people who are hurting need prayer. We ourselves would benefit from prayer. Each week would be a little different as the list of people we pray for changes.

I am very excited about "Our Peace Project". I have wanted to form a prayer group for many months- but it only recently dawned on me that we could include ZOOM so that people who live far away from me can participate. 

If you love to pray, believe in the power of prayer or are comfortable learning to pray - please consider joining me for "Our Peace Project".  

If you would like to be a participant in "Our Peace Project" please email me at:


and let me know. Also email me if you have questions. This prayer group is bound to make a difference in the world and in our own lives. Please come join me.

Blessings, Mandy

Mandy ArwenComment