Angels And The Vet

I have had Angels on my mind a great deal recently because on July 28th I am giving an Angel Party at my dear friend Alex's house. ( An Angel Party is when I go to someone's home and talk about Angels to the guests who are invited. I then tell everyone their Guardian Angel's names, and then each person gets to ask a few questions which the Angels answer and I relay the messages). Preparing for the Angel Party makes me remember how fabulous Angels are to work with and how often we should call upon them for Divine Assistance.

I called upon them today and was very impressed and grateful for Their help. Today I needed to take my two dogs to the vet for their wellness visit. My ex-husband was not feeling well and couldn't accompany me - therefore I would have both dogs by myself. Normally we go together.

Bingo - my little one - gets rambunctious at the vet - he barks at the other dogs in the waiting room while Cruiser our 12 year old trembles in fear under the seats. When they suspect they are going to the vet, Cruiser won't even get in the car! He is so timid.

So I called upon the Angelic Realm for help. Ahead of time (this is always a good idea) I asked for a number of things:

1. Calm, serenity and peace for the dogs and me

2. For Cruiser not to be afraid this time

3. For everything to be easy and convenient

4. For a perfect parking spot

5. Ease and cooperation getting the dogs in and out of the car, and in and out of the office and exam room

6. For them both to be healthy

7. No waiting in the waiting room...have them take us right away.

I was not disappointed! I was honest with the pups about where we were going, reminding them that we love Dr. Chatterson and he loves them. They got into the car like champions. We got a spot right in front of the office building. The dogs were well-behaved in the waiting room - sitting quietly next to my feet. 

We were called into the exam room right away and the pups went right in to the room without trying to escape. They each had a great exam and got their shots effortlessly. Cruiser did not tremble the entire time we were there.

Normally Dr. Chatterson invites each dog to lick his tasty treat of gourmet canned food off of a tongue depressor - neither dog will even consider it - Bingo because he is so hyped up and Cruiser because he is traumatized and trembling, trying to leave the room. Today they each ate off the stick graciously, politely and I think gratefully. 

When the exams were finished, each dog was kissed on the head by the doctor and we went to pay our bill. There was another cute small dog in the waiting room and normally Bingo would challenge him and bark. This time the two dogs sniffed each others' faces and were friendly with each other. 

We got back in the car having only been there for 20 minutes ( a record for us!) and both dogs were happy. No trembling, no barking, no stress for me...I can't thank those Angels enough!

Try to call upon the Angels ahead of time so that they can arrange things in your favor. It is worth every moment of prayer you put into it, and remember to thank Them for Their service. Angels are amazing and I love Them so much.

Blessings, Mandy



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