Angels Come Through!

     I have a visiting pup today. He is large, energetic and hyper. After several hours of his jumping on me, running throughout the house non-stop, fighting with my own pup non-stop and generally not able to calm down I ran out of energy myself. It was overdue to call in Heaven's Help.

     I called upon all 'dog - loving' angels, all 'dog-whisperer' Guides in addition to William the angel of Peace and Alicia the angel of Serenity. I prayed for peace and serenity and for the pup to just relax and calm down, to take a nap and just 'chill-out'.

      10 minutes later he was lying on the floor resting, chewing peacefully on a chewy, and walking rather than running. My recommendation: call on Angels for EVERYTHING you need help with. They are up to ALL tasks and are pleased to help in any way they can serve us.

     I am very grateful for Their help and will definitely call upon Them before he visits the next time. I love Angels. They are so sweet and always make you feel good about a situation. They are very powerful. Try it! You will like it and become a believer forever!

Mandy Arwen