God Comes Through!

Today has been a very harrying day! For the past three days my computer has shown signs of having a virus...very slow and constant pop-ups, etc. It became so bad today that I couldn't proceed with my blog or daily Divine Messages. I couldn't channel my messages which I was due to do today, and to make things worse, my fridge just seemingly broke...its brand new!

What bothered me most was that I was not able to do my spiritual work...my relaxed prayers, my meditating, my peaceful bath, or my channeling. I felt all out of synch and at my wits end. So I decided to deal with my computer first. I looked up the number of my nearby Apple store to get the phone number hoping to get an appointment with their repair department. It turns out that they were closed for renovations. There was no other nearby facility, so I called the one closest by and that's when God came through for me. (He always does!).

I was patched through to the repair technician and instead of being put on hold, I got through immediately (God). To my glee - the repairman was able to fix my computer over the phone and in no time it was up and running (God). The neatest part was that the repair cost me nothing - totally free and I don't even have a warranty. (God).

This came after much panicked prayer. I surrendered the entire situation to God and told Him that I trusted Him to handle everything in His capable and loving hands. It was totally worth every prayer inspiration.

Then onward to get the fridge fixed. I texted our handyman Chuck, and explained about the fridge not working suddenly - his reply - "I'll be there in 30 minutes."  (God). He came and fixed everything within 10 minutes and charged me nothing. (God). I am very blessed.

So I guess what I want to say is that when you trust everything to God and surrender (let go and let God) you get top notch treatment. Everything goes as best it can go and you will be pleased with the results. Very pleased. By 1pm I was back on track and continued with my day's schedule in a great mood knowing I am so taken care of. I thanked God profusely and let Him know I appreciated all of my blessings this morning.

Prayer and Surrender are my suggestions. I also told God that I had Faith in His process and Believed that We were on the "same page" regarding all that was going on. I think these are very important phrases when praying. Trust - Faith - Believe. Prayer and Surrender. This is just one of many, many examples where everything has gone better than expected after praying this way. I can't emphasize these principles enough. 

It is God's pleasure to bless you. Just INVITE HIM INTO YOUR DAY and watch the miracles occur. 

Mandy Arwen