Charlie - my Ambassador

I would like to talk about my dog Charlie. Charlie was a brown and white adorable Shih-tzu we had for 10 glorious years. He crossed over just a few years ago. We miss him terribly and often tell Charlie stories at family gatherings. He was the greatest dog!

As I stated in an earlier blog, I started channeling animals and trees a few weeks ago and something miraculous happened regarding Charlie...Charlie volunteered to be my Ambassador for all my channeling! I had never heard of any such thing, but he said he would connect me with the right person or animal and help them to trust me so they would speak with me when I called upon them.

I was so touched and moved by this I almost cried. True to his word, when I am about to ask an animal to speak with me (and even a person who has crossed over) I first ask Charlie to connect me with that person or animal and when I feel the connection, I thank Charlie and then channel.

This has been such a gift for me - to know I am always speaking with the right being, and knowing that Charlie volunteered to do this - I never asked him. I had never heard of this kind of thing! Now I feel so much comfort contacting those across the veil because I know they are being hand held by Charlie and I am getting exactly what I ask for each and every time.

I have found that the connections with those I call upon are much clearer, have more clarity and I trust the communication more. This is a God-Sent Gift. So thank You Charlie for continuing our connection together in love and light and being a beacon of love for those I connect with through you. You are my treasure!

Mandy Arwen