We Walk Beside You

Recently I have been trying to Divinely Communicate with animals and trees. Its been going very well. I just didn't realize that animals and trees had such awareness, consciousness and communication skills.

It is all done telepathically and I find that most of the beings that I try to connect with are happy to connect with me. They offer wise council many times. I have a humpback whale named "Beatrice" who I communicate with, a beautiful old tree named "Mrs. Tree" who offers wise council, A little bird outside my window named "Phillip" and I find that I can easily communicate with my two dogs and other people's pets as well.

I am amazed at the level of awareness they all have and how they already know about my life as they council me and help and lend support. How did I not know this earlier?
It all started when my dear friend Alex gave me a book called "We Walk Beside You" by Sandra Mendelson - which is an entire book of animals talking to this one woman - all the conversations were written into the book. It made me wonder if I could also speak to animals since I already have great telepathic communication with Divine Spirit. When I tried it I was greatly rewarded.

I have wanted to listen to the wisdom of old trees for quite some time so when I actually tried it I was amazed that it worked! I've had lovely and loving conversations with Mrs. Tree frequently and she always has some sage advice for me.

So - I am amazed at these beings' ability to communicate with us and their willingness to do so. Although not all of them are willing...I connected with a squirrel who was chasing another squirrel in seeming play, and when I contacted him he abruptly told me "don't bother me, we're busy!". While this was very rude, I was mostly amused that I was talking with a squirrel.

If it wasn't for this book that my friend gave me - I never would have tried it. So thank you Alex! You always know the perfect gift to give me at just the right time! Starting this blog today was actually Beatrice's idea. So thank you Beatrice, the humpback whale. I hope Phillip the chirping little bird returns to talk some more. I haven't had communication with him since our first encounter and I really liked him.
                                                          Blessings, Mandy

Mandy Arwen