Happy Leads To Lucky

A few days ago, my ex-husband's minister (who has retired) came by the house to chat with him - having found out we had called Hospice in. We had coffee together and chatted for about an hour. It was lovely.

The reason I am writing about it is that during our conversations I realized that the minister (his name is Bruce) and I are very aligned spiritually and it took me by surprise. When Bruce was the minister of Ted's Ted's church, I was in the throes of severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and could not go to church for years. Therefore, I never had the opportunity to hear any of Bruce's sermons - which Ted always said were very inspiring!

What made me realize that he and I are aligned was when he said "happy leads to lucky...and therefore lucky leads to happy." This was so similar to what I teach myself  which is "Gratitude leads to Receiving God's Blessings" and when you turn that around it makes sense that "Receiving God's Blessings leads to Gratitude!"

It was such a joy to hear this from him and we chatted briefly about the circle of blessings and gratitude, happy and lucky. He also mentioned that he works regularly with Astrology - which I believe strongly in myself. It was so nice to have this chance meeting and find him so similar to my own core view points. It was like a sign from God saying " look, you are on the right track...keep going!".

I hope Bruce comes over again - I really enjoyed chatting with him and so did Ted. I can see he must have been an awe-inspiring minister. 

Mandy ArwenComment