GRATITUDE Is So Amazing!

I have to share this very interesting experience with you! As some of you already know - I dealt with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 13 years until this past October. During those 13 years I could hardly leave the house...I was so exhausted every day that just getting meals and getting dressed were challenging thoughts and activities.

Starting in October, 2017 - I began to heal through many, many activities I came up with including meditation, dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy workbooks, reading all about CFS, Gratitudes, Imaging, Prayer and more. I did almost all of the fabulous activities listed and explained in a book I highly recommend to everyone called "Ask and it is Given" by Esther Hicks. I was able to get out of bed, off the recliner and start living again...little by little I healed until finally one day I was living a decent life again.

However, even though I am able to do my readings, go shopping, run errands, and see friends now - there is this pattern that bothers me. When I socialize , later on I become very exhausted and lose a day or two or three to fatigue and am unable to go about my days. This happened yesterday through today. 

I socialized with my dear friend Alex for several hours here at my house. We had the best time chatting, sharing a potluck lunch, pulling oracle deck cards, and I even gave each of us a reading. Then we watched most of a spiritual movie called "You Can Heal Your Life"...(appropriately named!) by Louise Hay.

The next day (today) I felt comatose - beyond exhausted - I couldn't get off the recliner for anything! I was so sluggish and it felt like the CFS had come back in full force, much to my dismay. I felt depressed and regretted that just because I socialized and had the time of my life, the CFS would act up again. Very disturbing.

When I asked God how I could put a stop to this negative pattern...I was surprised by the answer: "GRATITUDE". Gratitude would heal this pattern. Now after Alex left my house yesterday I was beaming with Gratitude - I was thanking God left and right for every detail of the day and was very excited about all the fun we had together.

But God was not referring to immediate Gratitude. He was referring to having Gratitude in the midst of my CFS returning. Giving thanks for the time spent together even though it brought on the CFS again. I went through the events of the day I spent with Alex - re-thanking Him for every bit of it...even though I felt too tired to even think too hard.

I gave thanks for everything going on in my life. I gave thanks for the socializing EVEN THOUGH it brought on my CFS. And guess what - I got out of the chair, walked upstairs with a big smile on my face and told everyone I was over it and was feeling great. Now earlier when I was exhausted - we needed Costco groceries - and I couldn't even fathom going, so another family member volunteered to go for us. I felt guilty sending someone else but we needed the groceries and she volunteered cheerfully so we had her go for us. (It was Alyssa - my beautiful daughter-in-law).

But by the end of the day - I was feeling so much better that I ran to the local grocery store and did some more needed shopping and then came home and made dinner. Remember - I began the day so exhausted I couldn't get off the recliner and felt depressed about it.

GRATITUDE is so amazing! It really changes our lives dramatically. I felt my "Tube of Blessings" open up widely and felt the blessings pouring through from God to me. During the day, after doing my Gratitudes - 3 really great things happened:

I received a call from a complete stranger who wanted a reading and had seen my ad on Yelp Business (under Psychics). I didn't even know I had an ad on Yelp! I started one and never finished it and had no idea that it was officially published. But here after saying my Gratitudes, this nice gentleman called from seeing my ad and requested a reading! (Blessings from God). And the only time that worked out was for the very next day - as I said before - these bouts have gone on for days, but because of my Gratitude session I was strong enough and capable of doing a reading the very next day. Amazing!

Then, later I was driving to the grocery store and I chose to go to Safeway. Then for some reason at the last minute I felt I should change my mind and go to Albertson's but had no idea why. Well, at the grocery store, I chose the check out line intuitively. When it was my turn, the cashier asked me what I was going to be doing this weekend and I told her I was going to be giving a psychic reading the next day - and she was FASCINATED and asked me all sorts of questions. It turns out that her mother used to do tarot cards long ago. She was so enthusiastic about it that I felt confident enough to reach into my purse and take out one of my brochures and hand it to her. (Blessing from God). 

Then later that day, I received an email requesting a reading for Sunday (Blessing from God)...all in one day after expressing my Gratitudes during my CFS crisis. And it was a crisis. In the past, these relapses have gone on for days hopelessly...but today it was merely hours because I asked God how to heal the pattern.

Always ask God for a solution to your problems and follow through with the Guidance you receive. And do your Gratitudes even when you don't feel Grateful - ESPECIALLY when you don't feel Grateful. It changes your experience from negative to positive in a very short amount of time and improves your life by bringing in blessing after blessing...opening up your "Tube of Blessings" quickly.

I learned a very important lesson today - first of all - when I'm dealing with a bout of CFS in the future the first thing I'm going to do is an hour of Gratitudes. Secondly, trust in God's Wisdom and ASK for Divine Guidance. Follow the instructions. I could still be knocked out on the recliner if I didn't follow through. I really respect the Power of Gratitude!

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