Highest Good and Surrender

This year I have become a Divine Communicator...it started with a prayer I said often, " I pray to be a phenomenal Spiritual Intuitive. I pray to be a phenomenal Divine Communicator." And that is happening and I've been so pleased about it. I have given numerous readings this year and have been excited about each one. The feedback I have gotten has been wonderful.

Well, all of a sudden, it dawned on me that I could Divinely Communicate with animals...telepathically. I worked with this skill and found that it is rather easy for me. I have given several readings to clients who wanted to speak to their pets and the results were excellent. 

Then, I was in the bath tub lounging there in hot, luxurious water - when I received a Divine Message : that I could Divinely Communicate with children and unborn children for their parents. Wow! It never occurred to me to ask for that! In fact, I never asked for that. In fact, I never asked to communicate with animals.

So I started wondering...why did these Divine Gifts appear for me out of the blue like this...? I finally asked a few days ago and this was the answer, "You asked for the 'highest good of all concerned' and you prayed 'I surrender now, I surrender all'..." So my umbrella prayers brought me Divine Gifts I never imagined I would or could have!

I gained permission to speak to a toddler the other day and you do this by asking the higher self of the child if you can telepathically speak with the child. I received that permission and went on to speak to a toddler who was giving her Mother a hard time lately. I asked why she was doing that and received beautiful answers that were clear, concise, logical and yet in a little girl's voice. It helped me understand the child's needs, wants and desires clearly.

This is going to prove to be a wonderful and useful tool. Being able to speak to the higher selves of children and unborn children will allow parents access to information they need to help raise their children best and give them insights into their children's needs. I am so blessed to have this gift and to be able to speak with animals as well.

Yesterday, my dog Bingo peed on the kitchen floor and spread out right in the puddle! I knew that something was wrong on the inside and asked him what was bothering him. He told me that the new cat (my son, his wife, their dog and cat are staying with us) wouldn't speak to him and it made him "crazy". He said, "she's living in my house but she won't speak to me."

Once I understood why he was upset I was able to comfort him with gentle, soothing talks and strokes, and make him feel better. If I hadn't known why he had done that I might have scolded him for peeing in the house. Its so important to talk with our animals to find out what they are feeling and thinking. I was totally surprised at his answer and wouldn't have guessed correctly if I had been left to surmise the situation.

I am very grateful for my Divine Communication with animals and children...but let's remember the lesson here: always pray for "the highest good of all concerned" and "surrender" to God so that He can in turn come back to you with something even better than you prayed for in the first place. It always leads to something more pleasing. That is my suggestion! Love, Mandy

Mandy ArwenComment