Randy & Kathy

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my ex-husband has cancer and hospice has been called in. A nurse comes to see him every week. Some of the symptoms he is dealing with are severe nausea, weakness, no appetite and exhaustion. The pain medications are taking care of his pain, thank God.

We have these dear, dear, best friends living in Pennsylvania - where we moved here from. We saw them every single weekend and they were our entire social life while we lived in Pennsylvania. They totally became family immediately upon meeting them and we attended each others family events as well as spending both weekend days and evenings together. We even left all four of our kids together with a sitter once so we could go to the movies and the poor sitter was in bad shape when we returned. Apparently the kids were having a bit too much fun together. I just remember shoving more and more money to her as she recounted the events of the evening!

We went on vacations together, cooked for one another, slept over their house several times, had picnics together, ate and ate and ate their delicious food, and loved each others' children.

When they heard that hospice had been called in they immediately called and said that they wanted to come visit us. Immediately. They didn't want to be a burden at this awful time - so they said they would just come out for one night and would take care of us while they were here. This was such uplifting news! The most difficult part about moving to Washington State was leaving them. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it.

So, they traveled all day to be here and spent 2 wonderful days with us. My ex-husband is only capable of sitting and reclining right now so their visit consisted of comforting talks in the living room and cooking for us. They cooked four meals for us while they were here - all so delicious that my ex-husband actually ate! He never has an appetite!  But having these dear friends with us made his mood elevate and he felt like eating finally. So he got good food and calories...much needed.

Our dear friends names are Randy and Kathy. They told us stories, we reminisced about our times together in Pennsylvania, and Randy told us numerous Cajun jokes being Cajun himself. We just sat and talked for 2 days straight until they had to leave. It was so amazing to be with them again and such fun given our circumstances. Ted's symptoms were reduced and he was actually having a good time despite his condition.

It makes me realize that he needs more socialization and not just to be isolated because he doesn't feel well. He actually felt better while they were here. I need to bring in more visitors for him so he keeps socializing and being distracted from his symptoms. I will do a better job of that now.

Seeing Randy and Kathy was such a gift for us. We took pictures and laughed and cried, and reminded each other what a treasure our friendship is...family is what we are. So here's a toast to Randy and Kathy - our family and dearest friends who were willing to fly across the U.S.A. for just one night just to see us at this most stressful time. Thank you Randy, thank you Kathy...thank you for the love and meals and laughter and reminiscing we did. We love you dearly and couldn't be happier that you came for a visit.

God bless you and stay in close touch. I love you, Mandy  

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