Doggie Mayhem

It has been a terrible, awful and hellacious night. Last night my son and his wife moved into our house along with their dog and cat. My dog Bingo loves them and all night while I tried to sleep, Bingo cried and whimpered loudly because he wanted to play with my son and his wife, and snuggle.

I barely got any sleep between his noises and trying to keep him quiet so that THEY could sleep too. This went on all night and all morning. Once I woke up, the crying and whimpering did not stop. Finally around 6am my son came out to see me and told me that when they finally got their bed sheets put on (10pm last night) Bingo jumped onto the bed and peed! As if that wasn't bad enough, their dog immediately jumped onto their bed and also peed on it.

They had just taken the sheets out of the dryer and made up the bed! Between all of that plus Bingo's crying all night we each admitted that we wanted to cry. We were both so bleary eyed and exhausted. Nobody got any sleep because of Bingo. Then he told me that their dog had repeatedly jumped across their bed all night in excitement at being here (in his new home).

To say that we were stressed would be an understatement. So he went back to bed and I watched both dogs for the morning. Both behaved very badly - fighting and crying to get into my son's room for play time. I prayed for the dogs to calm down, rest, eat a chewy or just relax and the prayer was not answered despite repeating it several times.

I was very exasperated and worn down. Finally it popped into my head: pray for "the highest good of all concerned"! So I did! I asked God for "the highest good of all concerned" At first it seemed like nothing was changing, but about 10 minutes later the two dogs were calmer, not running back and forth between our rooms and stopped whimpering. They were chewing on chewies. They were still interested in getting into my son's room but weren't being insistent about it. Finally! Peace!

I felt confident enough after about a half hour, to take a bath...a long, hot bath and it felt so peaceful, calm and relaxing. I am so grateful for that prayer inspiration. You see, I was praying for myself - for my needs to be met - frantically. What God needed was for me to pray for everyone's best interests to be met which included the pups'. Until I included them in the prayer, no improvement came about.

This is a very important lesson for us all...when you pray for "the highest good of all concerned" you get the best service possible! Right now the dogs are all sleeping, relaxed and calm. Which means that I am calm and peaceful. This was a terrible, awful experience..but at least I figured out how to pray more effectively in the meantime. I will not forget this prayer the next time I need help. Blessings to you all!             Love Mandy

Mandy ArwenComment