"Yes, but not yet..."

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

You have to change internally before the external will change. - Claire Candy Hough

This is why the answer to our prayers is sometimes delayed. We must first change inside before the outside can manifest the way we want it to.  I remember ages ago, I prayed to be an awesome psychic. It didn't happen. For years and years I studied spiritual growth, listened to spiritual lectures, attended churches, journaled, read spiritual book after book after book, and had readings from other well-respected psychics - yet nothing manifested for me until recently.

I had to grow (spiritually and as a person), develop good boundaries, learn things, generally mature and have more life experiences in order to make me good at what I do. When I made the prayer request I was setting the stage for what was to come this year in 2018 - I didn't realize of course, that in 2005 I wasn't ready to be good at what I wanted to do. 

It was very exasperating because I thought I was ready! I had the passion, desire and sincerity - but life experience wasn't there, boundaries weren't there and more wisdom needed to be accumulated first before my prayer of being awesome could be answered.

When I look back at where I was in 2005 - I can see NOW that I wasn't ready. In 2005 I didn't want to know that! But now when I look back at where I was as a person, I recognize that it took many more years of God's preparation before I could become so good at what I am doing now. 

In essence, I am GRATEFUL that my prayer wasn't answered immediately. It's one of those cases where God said, "yes, but not yet". And then He started preparing me for what was to come with all the studying and experiences I needed to have first. I am so glad He waited. Even though during the waiting period I thought I WAS ready and I was frustrated and upset about the delay. I didn't even know it was merely a delay...I thought my prayer was being ignored!

So, when you ask for something magical to happen in your life - don't be shocked if God says, "Yes, but not yet" and starts to prepare you for what you have asked for. We must change on the inside before we can see the changes on the outside. Read those quotes at the top of the page: they are truly awe-inspiring.

And during the course of 'waiting' for my prayer to be answered, I shifted in what I wanted a bit. Now I refer to myself as a "Spiritual Intuitive", not a psychic which is very important to me. And my own purpose is to serve God, not myself. I hope to connect as many people with the love of God as I possibly can during this life time. I want people to have the happiness and joy that I have nearly every day because I know I have the love of God and God's support. If I can give that to my clients - I am doing my Life's Work well.

Blessings, Mandy

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