God Put it There!

If you have a dream or heart's desire - God PUT it there! Know where your heart's desires originate...with God! So what should you do once you are sure you have a dream that you want to come true?

First, trust God and know that if you want this dream to come true, God wants it to come true as well. God gave you that dream so you could co-create it together!

Notice the word "Co-Create" though...God doesn't say "well, here it is!" You have responsibilities and must do your part in the co-creation process. A good way to start could be to pray to God for your dream to come true. You could talk to God about the details and specifics of your heart's desire and ask for these details to come to fruition. Give God your preferred vision.

Another thing to do could be to envision what your life would look like if the dream came true. Visualize the outcome from the END and get yourself passionate about it. Your passion feeds the prayer with much needed oomph and energy. Prayers need energy to come true.

Here are more things to do: make lists of the details, go over your lists with God.  Only allow positive and encouraging thoughts about your desire...eliminate doubt and negative thinking which squashes your outcome. 

Only tell your desire to people you KNOW will support you and encourage you and rally behind you. Do not squelch your desired result by talking with people who you suspect will try to talk you out of it. If you are insecure about your dream, you may go looking for support in all the wrong places. Purposely avoid doing that. You'll need all the support you can muster!

Do some research - get on the internet, make some phone calls, spend some time with people who are doing what you want to do or have what you want to have and become aligned with them. Learn from them. Pick and choose what fits with your dream and what doesn't. Be discriminating!

Beyond all of these suggestions - I recommend that you speak to God about your heart's desire every day with enthusiasm, and passion. Dedicate yourself to having your dream come to fruition. 

It is so important to involve God in the manifestation process. Remember who put the dream there in the first place! TRUST God - tell Him that you TRUST Him to help you manifest your dreams and then actually TRUST Him with the details. Let go and Let God! 

Have FAITH - have FAITH in God and His process. Don't be stubborn or dig your heels in and insist that He do things your way. God's way is ALWAYS better and will get you more of what you want then if you don't have FAITH in His process.

BELIEVE - Believe that your dreams will come true and tell God that you Believe "that He is on the same page as you". Thank God for listening to your prayers.

Now this is for the strong and trusting of you: tell God, "this or something better please...". This opens the door for even more "good" to come to you in God's timing. He can see from a higher perspective what you would love most of all...so trust Him to give you more of what you want by declaring that statement in prayer. I do it all the time and I always get great results and surprises.

Every day, ask God, "What is my next step?" Then follow all intuitive moments full out. Follow His signs. Do your part!

This last and final point is not for the faint of heart - I surrender the dream to God. I say, "I surrender all, I surrender now". I even have a little song I made up using those words and I sing it in my heart to God. When you surrender - you are giving God permission to make a masterpiece out of your desire and allow Him to do all things His way. You really have to TRUST God to surrender. Like I said, its not for the faint of heart. 

So take your dream and run with it. Go all the way with it and dream BIG. You have numerous angels, archangels, guides and ascended masters working with you when you have a heart's desire in progress. Thank Them and allow Them to step in and help you. They are here to serve. Most of all, Have FUN with this process. Have a great time and make it your duty to see it through. Best of luck with all of your dreams - I wish you all the things you wish for yourself!

Blessings and love, Mandy


Mandy ArwenComment