Naming Our Pets

     I strongly believe that when it comes to naming our pets, THEY are the ones who provide the name they would like to be called. With all of our dogs, the names came to us in a flash and were perfect from the get-go.

     With our first shih-tzu ...we picked him up from the breeder out near Issaquah and had him in the car with us - wondering what to name him. I said to the family I wanted it to start with an "M" because it would sounds so soft and gentle. In a moment the name MAX flashed into my heart and it fit perfectly and then it was done. We named him Max.

     I feel that the pet itself puts the name into your heart according to what THEY would like to be called. Each name carries with it numerology meanings, and personality traits. They tell US what they want to be called.

     With Charlie - I was wondering what to name him when the name just flew into my head and I loved it immediately. With our female shih-tzu - I asked her what she would like to be named and she said, "Samantha!". I told her that there was a pet cat names Samantha across the street and it might be too confusing ...was there another name she would like. She excitedly said, "Kendra!". And Kendra it was.

     I must tell you that there have been many times in the past that I regretted talking her out of her first choice. It was and should have been up to her, not me. I feel terrible about this but she seemed okay with "Kendra". I still feel badly.

     With our shih-tzu-miniature poodle mix my ex-husband excitedly came to me and said, " I have the perfect name for him...BINGO!" We looked at the picture of him sent from the breeder, as we hadn't picked him up yet - and the name fit perfectly. There was no other option...he was a BINGO!

     I recommend asking your pets out loud or telepathically what they would like to be named and listening in your heart to the first name that comes to you. That is the name they wish to be called. 

     I did a recent reading for the parents of two tortoises and one of the questions we asked them was - did they already have names?   They immediately told us their names, so the parents adopted those names. When I speak to animals in the yard, I first ask them what their names are and every time I have asked, they have told me their names. It is respectful to ask what the animal wants to be called. If we don't ask them, I strongly believe that they will place their name prominently into your heart. 

     I think this is fabulous! What a way to connect with the divinity of our pets. 

                                                           Blessings, Mandy

Mandy ArwenComment