Same Motive - Different Approach

This weekend I have been watching several Wayne Dyer lectures. I find them very inspiring and transformational. In today's DVD - Inspiration - he talks about a fascinating concept! Let me back up a bit.

He has a daughter who -as a teenager - was troubled, doing self-destructive things and wreaking havoc on the family. The family was worried, concerned and upset. So he had an idea: he called a family meeting (he has 8 children) where each member of the family told this daughter how her behavior was affecting them and how distraught they were. Each person took a turn. When the meeting was over, the daughter went out and continued her destructive behavior. She said that she was tired of being told what a problem she was.

He then told a story about a South African tribe that deals with destructive behavior very differently. This is very inspiring. The troubled person is placed in the middle of the village square and the entire village comes out and sits around the person. All work stops for this period of time - which can take days.

Every person in the tribe tells the troubled person every good quality he or she possesses, every good deed they remember him or her doing, and what they like abut this person. Every member speaks. The ceremony ends with a joyful celebration of the person being welcomed into the tribe again and it is said that such ceremonies rarely need to be repeated.

Isn't this fabulous? How different we treat troubled people in America. What a different culture we could have if we embraced similar values and concepts. I am amazed and totally excited by this story. It brings tears to my eyes.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Blessings with love, Mandy


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