Two Tortoises

Yesterday I had the honor of giving a reading to the parents of two tortoises they had recently adopted. It was a hoot! These tortoises were so sweet, friendly, intelligent and helpful! 

They answered all of the parents' questions about what they wanted to eat, where they wanted to spend their time, what they wanted to do with their time, how they felt about the family cat, and more. It was so helpful and inspiring.

What came through most poignantly to me was how much they love their new home and new parents, and that actually - they chose their new parents even before the parents had any idea that they wanted to adopt a tortoise! The parents were singled out by the pets and a string of synchronicities came about where the parents were invited to adopt them. Amazing!

This reminds me to tell you - we all choose our parents and siblings before incarnating. Did you know that? They choose us and we choose them. It happens each and every time. We choose our families based on what we want to experience during the incarnation...what experiences we want to have, how we want to grow up, what lessons we want to learn and what kind of adults we ultimately want to become. 

It is so important not to judge your parents too harshly - not only did you pick them before you came into this life time, but you wanted their personalities to rub you a certain way so that you would respond and grow beyond the constraints they placed on you as a child. It is totally up to you how you respond to your parents and is up to you to grow beyond your childhood and become the person you dream of being.

Forgive your family for being other than what you wish them to be and remember that you chose those lessons and experiences for your own soul's growth. This new perspective may help you to accept your childhood more peacefully and look for growth opportunities as an adult. No more complaining about your family! You chose them! They are playing their parts PERFECTLY!

Mandy Arwen