Chat with Charlie

I had a lovely chat with Charlie (my 10 year old brown and white rotund little shih-tzu) this morning. He was telling me that he misses being here on Earth with me. I sensed that he wanted to come back for an incarnation to be with me again. I unfortunately had to tell him that while I wanted to be with him too and would absolutely love to have him back with me - we now have a third dog and we just can't handle the energy of a fourth at this time.

I told him it would be best if we waited until I crossed over to be together again. It made me feel bad and good. Bad because he wanted to be with me, and good because I am so honored that he misses me enough to want to be down here with me again.

Meanwhile, Charlie is my Ambassador for all animal channeling. He connects me with those animals I need to contact and creates a strong connection so that I can channel well and feel confident knowing I am talking with who I intend to talk with. He is a treasure and a joy. I am so pleased...tickled actually, that he volunteered for this position.

Ever since Charlie has started this job, my animal communications have been fantastic and better than ever. And I am certain that I am talking with the right animal which is priceless to me.

I'm so glad and grateful that I can interact with Charlie each day in this way and even chat with him to see what he is up to.  I wish I could have another pup (Charlie) and be together again...he was so special! I am just so lucky to have him in my life as loved one and Ambassador. I really miss hugging him and holding him. 

I asked him what he likes to do in Heaven and he said, "Eat without getting fat, play, listen to music, have fun with the other dogs and cats...its a prize up here!". So he is having a great time.  He also says he spends time with my Mom, who Max also spends his time with.

Thank You Mom for taking such good care of my pups until I get up there, and thank You for being such a wonderful Mother while we were together!

Mandy Arwen