Jittery Legs

Every morning I have what I call "Jittery Legs"...they move around almost involuntarily, much to my dismay. I have recently discovered that they do this because I am not grounded and centered yet for the day.

I learned a wonderful exercise from Candy Hough's Angel Meditation CD that I want to share with you for your own grounding and centering purposes. 

First - imagine bright orange-red cords coming out of the bottom of your feet and reaching down, down, down to the core of Mother Earth.

Second - wrap those cords around the core of the Earth several times - tightly.

Third - See it done in your mind's eye, really feel it.

Finally -  Say, " Dear Mother Earth, please send me your nurturing, nourishing, grounding and centering energy now. Please 'ground and center me...ground and center me...ground and center me'...thank You Mother Earth for your nourishing and nurturing energy."

Feel loving energy streaming up your legs and imagine yourself becoming grounded and centered from this energy.  That's all it takes for my 'jittery legs' to stop moving around and for me to be calm and centered. 

I do this several times a day! Once a morning may be enough for most of you. It feels good, too! Being grounded and centered is great for your emotional stability and spiritual energies. Anytime you feel ungrounded (jittery, nervous, anxious, unsettled or emotional) just picture the  bright orange-red cords already wrapped around the core of Mother Earth as a reminder that you are grounded. 

Your body will feel better and your emotions will be more stable.  Blessings, Mandy

Mandy Arwen