INTUITION - God's Gift

How many of you would say you are INTUITIVE?

How many of you could say you sense things?

How many of you would say you have hunches that turn out to be correct later on?

How many of you have a gut feeling about certain things?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then I would say that you ARE Intuitive. Everyone has INTUITION, but not everyone notices it. In order for your Intuition to help you, you must recognize it and obey it. Your INTUITION is never wrong.

I have been in situations where my intuition has shown me a better way to do something and I have stated this better way to those around me. But it didn't seem logical to them (those who do not obey their INTUITION). So, I would acquiesce and do it "their way" and be remorseful when things turned out to be aggravating or annoying. Finally, I got tired of acquiescing and having things turn out worse just because I didn't follow my gut feelings. 

Now when I have an INTUITIVE MOMENT, I just do it that way and don't ask for feedback or support. Everything flows so much better now and I can stand in the face of others' discontent for a little while as I go with God's Gift of direction.

INTUITION is God's Gift to everyone! When you sense something without any logical reason for knowing it's true - God has just come through for you. He gave you an intuitive moment. An "AHA" moment, perhaps.

Since the "AHA" moment is coming from God - it is appropriate to say "thank You" every time you feel it happening. Thank God for the Gift He has given you. The Gift of direction, or the sense that something is right or wrong, or the gut feeling on how to best go about doing something. INTUITION is your God-Given internal GPS system.

Thanking God for your intuitive moments shows God that you noticed and that you know it comes from Him. Gratitude expressed always opens the door to more of what you are grateful for. If you like your INTUITION and would like more "AHA" moments, then be sure to say "thank You" to God each and every time you experience it.

Not everyone experiences INTUITION simply because they do not recognize it for what it is. They use their logic to dismiss their INTUITION and go about things a different way. These people always have a rougher time with doesn't go as smoothly for them because they are not obeying their INTUITION...they are obeying their logic. 

INTUITION may not always be logical...that's the beauty of it! It is coming from God's Highest Perspective and He sees things that you cannot see yet. He is Guiding you past difficulties so that you can lead a better life. So the next time you experience your God-Given INTUITION, say a hearty "thank You!" to Him and look for more Intuitive moments. Your life will be better and you will feel grateful to have been Guided. God is looking out for you! Be Grateful!

Mandy ArwenComment