Chatted with Max

Recently I connected with my 14 year old pup Max ( a black and white shih-tzu). Max and I were very close- he slept next to me on my bed every night for 14 years. 

I connected with him for a chat and asked him what he was up to in Heaven. His reply was, "I can't wait to get you up here to be my Mom again!". I asked him if he had a new Mom in Heaven and he said, "no".

I asked him what he does in Heaven and he said, "I spend time with your Mom." I said, "so she is your new Mommy?" and he replied, "No...we just hang out together".

I am so relieved that he still wants me to be his Mom when I get to Heaven. I know he'll be there to greet me first thing when I cross over. I realize how important it is to communicate with our beloved pets once they cross over because it puts our minds at ease knowing they are safe, happy and looking forward to seeing us again. 

I believe that they watch over us like a guardian angel does and I believe they are thrilled to be in Heaven. What a blessing to have had Max with me for 14 years.

Blessings, Mandy

Mandy Arwen