Karma! Karma! Karma!

I have had the most incredible experiences these past few weeks. I brought about karma on myself without realizing it right away. I can't believe I did this. I didn't really realize that I did this until I was writing down some of the Daily Divine Messages for last week and read about karma in some of the channeling.

Here is what happened and transpired: Someone hurt me badly with their words and actions, so in a drive to Kinkos to get my brochure printed and folded I let out a stream of negative, mean-spirited comments internally - I spewed anger and frustration inside my heart for a good half hour. I was so angry that I could barely control my thoughts.

I got to the store, and everything went perfectly. I got THE perfect parking spot near the store, I was the first one in line, I had the clerk all to myself, she was very friendly with me and thorough, the brochure came out perfectly and it cost less than I had thought it would. So far so good, right?

Well, several days later, it just seemed like I was off. Things kept going awry and I couldn't understand it. First, I burned myself badly from boiling water letting out steam from a pot...I have a wound now that is slowly healing but looks horrible; then I had a day where so many things were going wrong - for instance my new fridge just stopped working - my bluetooth just stopped working and I couldn't listen to my daily music for inspiration and soothing - I almost got scammed on my computer but was saved at the last minute - the computer store I needed to go to to fix my computer which had a virus was closed for renovations. It was one thing after another and very frustrating.

Then even though every one of those things worked out because of intense prayer and faith, the following days I had no inspiration for writing (writing is a huge part of my every day routine), and I was very, very exhausted all the time. It just kept coming at me.

Finally, I was channeling a few Daily Divine Messages for my email list and website, when I learned through the actual message about reciprocity and karmic struggles which come on as a result of hurting someone. Now, I never told the person I was angry with that I had spewed forth mean-spirited thoughts - it was between me and Spirit...but I realized at that time that I was having such an awful week because of that mean-spiritedness. I brought it all on myself!

I don't even want to imagine what would have occurred for me if I had spoken those words out loud to the person. This was bad enough. I later learned that you can break the karmic cycle by forgiving yourself - for being caught in a karmic struggle and for hurting someone. So I began the process of forgiving myself today. I am hoping to do this all day until it is accomplished. The point is to eliminate the shame you feel. So I am trying to do this now.

I wanted to write about this so that you could see a real example of just how karma works and also how the karma doesn't always start right away. Remember, right after I spewed in the car - I had a perfect appointment at Kinkos and everything went my way. It wasn't until a few days later than everything fell apart!

So please learn from me and control your temper...even internally when you are upset. What I've been going through really makes me afraid to let out mean-spirited thoughts ever again. Energy is energy and our thoughts are energy. Next time I will work with compassion, love and forgiveness immediately to avoid becoming out of control and making such a mess of my life. 

I am grateful for the lesson though. I learned and I learned well. I won't be doing that again. We draw situations towards ourselves. Remember - I burned myself...it didn't come from another person. Always assume your behavior, words, and thoughts are being accounted for. Choose love and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude over negativity. Avoid karmic cycles! Learn from me. All my best, Mandy

Mandy Arwen