Karma Causes Exasperation...

I was conversing with a little bird named Frederick (who was chirping outside until I made the connection through Charlie). I asked him if he had any messages for me and his reply was, "Don't feel so bad...everyone has karma...". 

I mentioned that I wondered how much I had left since I had begun the healing process this morning with forgiveness, and he said there was a little more to go. A little while later I pulled the chain on my ceiling fan to make it go onto HIGH and the chain snapped! The remaining chain -  which I assume is still attached to the fan -  is no where in sight.

He was right - the karma isn't healed yet. I have more forgiveness work to do. Karma is very frustrating - that's one of it's main components - it causes exasperation. That's why:

#1. It is so important to avoid...

#2. It is important to actively heal it through forgiveness of self...

#3. It is also important to forgive anyone else involved in the scenario. Any lingering lack of forgiveness may delay the healing. 

It is so important to remember that God has sent us NOTHING BUT ANGELS here on earth, and each person in our lives is our teacher. Those who push our "hot buttons" are in the process of teaching us and our job is to grow and expand through the experience.

Knowing this - some GRATITUDE for the teachers in our lives is appropriate. I am Grateful that this happened. I have learned so much about myself!

I am VERY EAGER to heal this karmic come - back as soon as possible. 

Blessings, Mandy

Mandy Arwen