Archangel Michael Steps In

The other day I mentioned how we had a visiting pup staying with us. He got out of the house when someone opened the garage door and he ran away. There is something terrifying about having a dog you are sitting run away! I let others try to bring him back in but it was going on too long and I felt he wasn't safe to be out front without a leash.

So, I prayed and asked Archangel Michael (a very powerful Archangel) to bring him back safely and walked out the front door with a leash. What I saw was three adults trying to convince the dog to come back home and failing miserably although their intentions were excellent. I took Archangel Michael outside with me and called the pup's name...he made eye contact with me and came running at me full speed and I was able to get his leash on immediately. In the house we went.

I am in the habit of calling on angels for everything going on in my life and it always has wonderful results. I felt Archangel Michael was needed for this huge task and it paid off. Thank You Archangel Michael for bringing the pup back to the house. Try calling on angels for help when you are in a pinch. They are always available and always ready to help.

Blessings, Mandy

Mandy Arwen