Golden Nuggets - Your Guide to Practical Spirituality


Ted Hegvik writes, "Mandy Arwén has provided a source of inspiration for us all. Personally a joy to go through. This is a chance to change your life. Short, practical methods to keep you on track and inspired. Truly a book of gems."

a powerful spiritual practice…This book teaches us about the power of a blessing. The author gives many practical examples of how and when to use a blessing and explains that, "to bless something is to bypass all negative feelings and call upon a Higher Power to influence your outcome." If we all did that every time we faced difficulties, how different our lives would be, and how more peaceful and cooperative our world would be! I love Mandy Arwen's choice of quotes at the beginning of each chapter as they are inspiring and thought provoking. This is a small book with a big message!

Reading this book made me realize how much we can learn from our fellow humans. Being open to new ideas and advice, I found inspiration and I could easily relate to some of the author's stories. Thank you.

I found this book to be very inspirational and was touched by it. I learned several things from it and praise the author. I enjoyed it so much I purchased a hard cover copy and sent it to my granddaughters.

An enjoyable read - short digestible sections begin with an interesting variety of inspirational quotes. Suggestions for expressing gratitude, and other meditations, support a positive/optimistic view of life's challenges.