You Must Indeed Grow

Saturday, September 8th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored Ones – Do you understand what it means to draw closer to God? It means to actively seek out your relationship with Him. It means to actively want His connection with you to thrive and grow.

     It is a life - long process, not a quick fix. Expect results but do not make the mistake of saying “We didn’t connect completely…I must have failed…”. It does not work that way. This is an investment on both Your parts. An investment means you keep trying and you keep growing into it. God is always with you – to feel His presence is something that you can feel anytime by praying. To grow closer to God you must indeed GROW.

     Keep the link between you active and never stop growing with God. It is your fulfilment We are talking about. Remember there are no quick fixes…only effort, time and growth. LOVE. Experience loving God rather than yearning for something. Pour your love into God and experience the fabulous results. Never give up!

- Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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