A Flow Of Ideas

Thursday, September 27th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Guess what? We are not going to speak to you about prayer today! We feel that you have enough information now to make your own choices and decisions! 

     Today let Us tackle the problem of spiritual wisdom. When We say “problem” We mean to imply that you don’t always receive it when you want it. We are here to tell you that Divine Wisdom is always available to you …you simply need to ask for it and be willing to receive it. Willingness is the key word here.

     Many ask for Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom but shut off their listening channels – therefore never hear the reply made to them. To avoid this – ask for Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom and then sit and relax…just sit and wait for your answer…it comes in a flow of ideas sent to you by God…the ideas might seem like they are of your own creation, but rest assured that Divine Wisdom comes directly from God.

     You may not be receptive to this Guidance “on the spot”. If that happens you will later receive your messages while being in a meditative state throughout your day…perhaps while driving, or doing repetitive things where your mind wanders. But rest assured that if you ask for Spiritual Wisdom…you shall receive it. Amen!

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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