Start The Dialogue With Him

Saturday, September 22nd  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Do you think that because you have not prayed that it is too late to start? Do you think that God doesn’t listen to your prayers anyhow? Do you feel disinterested in prayer time because of bad experiences?

     We are here to tell you that God listens to every prayer and answers “Yes” or “Yes, but not yet”. It is the “Not Yet” that gets most of you upset. You think He is ignoring your prayer request when in actuality He is ruminating on it with you to make sure you really want what you have asked for.

     He is also working on the details, as your prayers affect other people and they must be arranged for as well. There is a lot to be done in answering your prayers – please don’t ever think that God has ignored you! That just isn’t possible.

     There are more effective prayer techniques than others – so you might explore the different types of prayers available to you. The supplication prayer is not always the best route to take. 

     Mostly, please understand that when you see nothing happening on the outside – it is because the work is being done on the inside where it cannot be seen. This is where TRUST and FAITH come in. This is an excellent time to tell God that you Trust Him and have Faith in Him. Start the dialogue with Him. Keep it going – you will feel better and best connected if you keep in dialogue with God during this unseen time.

     Importantly, please know that God loves you so much and wants all of your highest prayers to be answered…He put the desire there inside you in the first place! Amen to that!

  - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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