Yes, But Not Yet

Tuesday, September 18th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – How far-fetched is it to turn your back on God as a daily practice? Do you do that? Do you invite Him in to your day or go about your days without God in mind?

     Turning your back on God is turning your back on the many blessings He wants to give you. It is feeling isolated rather than unconditionally loved. It is making your life more difficult than it has to be.

     Why not encourage God to become a part of your life? Why not ask Him for help? What good can come of keeping Him at bay? Are you holding unforgiveness in your heart because of a seemingly unanswered prayer? Do you feel that God has let you down in some way?

     God will not say “no” to your prayers – but He will grow you until you are the kind of person who can handle what you have prayed for. Have you been willing to wait for your answered prayer? To grow and stretch and expand? Have you interpreted God’s growth plan for you as a “no”?

     God will always answer “yes” to your prayers…but the more accurate answer is “yes, but not yet”. There are two sides to an answered prayer…God’s “Yes, but not yet” and your need to grow into your answered prayer. You must grow so that you can handle what you have asked for. This does take time, effort and FAITH. You must TRUST that God is working on your prayer request behind the scenes. This is the toughest part. What is being done behind the scenes.

     Always know that God says “YES” to your prayers and usually gives the upgrade too! Learn to TRUST in Him and learn to stretch your FAITH. 

   - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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