Today Is Waiting For You

Friday, September 14th  2018

      Dear Holy Honored One – Today is the day! Today is the day to recapture your enthusiasm for life! Today is the right day! Today is waiting for you.

     To be enthusiastic about life is to warm God’s heart. Do be enthusiastic today! What good things do you look for in order to make your day bright? Do you look forward to a good cup of coffee or tea? Do you look forward to spending time with a friend? Do you wish there were more reasons to be enthusiastic about? 

     Write down or list some of the things you wish were a part of your everyday experience…list them with excitement as if you are receiving them now. Expect them and visualize them being true…perhaps you can pray for them too. Start to integrate these wishes into your everyday experience by taking ACTION. 

     Call upon a friend for a lunch date or happy hour appetizer! Make a phone call to someone you love speaking with! Plan on a good cup of hot tea with your prayer time! Make yourself a delicious, nutritious snack for while you are cooking and preparing dinner! Use your list of desires to start new routines and patterns. There is no reason to be dull about your days. 

     Make plans! See people who uplift you. Or even better yet – go uplift someone in need of cheering up. Buy someone a flower. Invite someone over for some mutually fun conversation. There are all sorts of ways to improve your day if you think about it. Be PROACTIVE about your life. Make your days more inviting. Set up a new pattern!

     Be enthusiastic!  

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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