There Is Divine Justice

Saturday, August 25th  2018

      Dear Holy Honored One – Bitterness is not a good quality! Stay away from this emotion as it eats away at you day in and day out over incidents that are in the past. Let yourself go to a pain-free environment through the power of forgiveness. 

     To forgive literally means to give forth…and what you are giving forth is your judgment of the situation. You are giving it to God to handle. There is Divine Justice in the form of karma…people get what they give out…always. So you need not worry that someone is getting away with something.

     Remember the “rule of three’s”? What someone gives out will return to them threefold! If you have been hurt by someone – know that they will be hurt by someone too. You don’t need to get even or install justice…Divine Justice is already in place.

     In the afterlife – people will go to levels of Heaven that match their energetic vibration! If someone is in the habit of hurting others…that will be the kind of people they will be surrounded by in Heaven…like attracts like.

     So take pity on those who hurt others for they have a lifetime to integrate the “rule of three’s” and then there is Heaven. 

- Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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