Today Let's Balance Your Karma!

Tuesday, July 24th  2018

    Dear Holy Honored One – Today Let’s balance your karma! In order to do that you must forgive all the people in your life who have harmed you or done hurtful things to you. 

     Balancing your karma is merely forgiving and letting go so that God can move you forward. Resentment holds you back in life…resentment kills love…resentment makes a mess of something that could and should be healed.

     Forgive people for hurting you – remember that God has sent you nothing but Angels in your life. Everyone has a part to play and forgiving someone may be the whole point of your turmoil this time around. Everybody is playing their parts perfectly. No one is making any mistakes. You contracted everyone in your life to behave exactly the way they are! It was all Your Idea!

     This is no joke. Everyone has a contract with everyone else to affect and cause reactions. Your response is your lesson! Forgive everyone for everything and let go of your stewing anger. Once you come to realize that you contracted everyone to act the way they do…you have no one to blame! Just pass the test, so to speak. Forgive!

- Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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