It Is Waiting For You Already

Monday, July 2nd  2018

     Dear Holy Honored Ones – Making mistakes is part of this process of manifestation. Not to worry if you find that you must change your prayer in any way, shape or form. Make changes all the way through if you like. Eventually you will settle on what it is you want and it will manifest for you, through you and to you.

     We have been talking to you a lot about manifestation because so many of you are interested in learning how to make a dream come true. For those of you who already know – these are good reminders for you too.

     Know that if you want something to enter your life – it is waiting for you already. There are no surprises in God’s world. He knows all about you and your prayers and wishes. He is prepared to give you your answered prayers in Divine Timing that will tickle and delight you.

     Trust in Him and trust in yourselves. This is not magic – it is a process in which you co-create together with God. Have fun and play with your dreams and watch them come true. 

    One other thing – you must stay thankful and grateful throughout this process or your “Tube of Blessings” may close up some and your blessings will slow down. Keep your “Tube” open widely and receive God’s blessings to you steadily. Be grateful!

- Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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