Wish Your Seedlings Well

Tuesday, June 26th,  2018

     Dear Holy Honored Ones – Allow me to make some observations about your manifestation processes:

     First things first – what you have intended to have may not be in your best interest…after all-  you don’t see the consequences of your vision at all times. It is important to say “for the highest good of all concerned” when praying for an outcome. This takes care of all the details that affect all others within your circle of loved ones and all others as well.

     Secondly – when watching for details to come out of the seeds you are planting, do not squash them by saying something like, “this isn’t what I wanted!”. As the seedling grows it will take shape according to your thoughts and heart’s desires. Wish your seedlings well and offer them assistance in the way of positive reinforcement. Say to your seedlings, “Good job! You are coming along nicely! Now grow, grow, grow and be my heart’s desire!”.

     Thirdly – empower God to do the rest by activating your Faith and Trust in Him by saying, “Dear God – I trust you with this dream come true. I have utmost Faith in You and Your process. I Believe that You and I are on the same page!”.  When you empower God, you empower yourself and therefore your heart’s desire.

     Finally – be overcome with joy at your seedlings’ appearance! Be enthusiastic and joyful that seedlings have appeared. Look for signals that your dream is coming true. Thank God always for any manifestation you see come forth. Your Gratitude sends a message to God that you would like more and more and more of what you see happening. It grows your dream into fruition.

     Have fun with this process. Eliminate stress by Letting Go and Letting God do His awesome Work. The more you Trust – the more you will love the results. Trust, my friends! God wants to serve you. Remember that always!    

- Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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