Abundance in its Many Forms

Tuesday, June 19th  2018

     Holy Honored Ones -  What a joy it is to see you enjoying your Abundance and saying “Thank You” for it every time. That certainly is a change for most of you. Your “Tubes of Blessings” are certainly more open than before. Congratulations!

     Now let me focus on how you get to receive Abundance in its many forms. Do you know that Abundance comes in many forms? Do you know that you can receive and almost miss it? Abundance is so varied!

     You can receive Abundance from your boss, or friend, your children…you can receive from your work or your friendliness with another, or by giving and getting back. There are all sorts of ways to receive and you must be aware of them all…for to say “Thank You” to God for your Abundance opens the door to much, much more.

     Be aware of what comes to you and look for Abundance everywhere. You will find more and more ways that God services you as you look harder. God smiles when you say “Thank You” and then you smile at the Abundance He gives you. 

     Make it your habit of acknowledging where you receive from and you will be rewarded with more and more goodness in your life. Don’t only look for money…look at ALL the various forms that Abundance comes as. If you made a list of all your Blessings – it would be quite long compared to your list of struggles. Try this – you may be surprised by the vast difference in your lists.  

   - Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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