Reciprocity 2


Wednesday, June 13th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored Ones – today let Me begin by saying how proud you are of yourselves for learning the last lesson so well. You have been saying to yourselves, “good job! I recognized what I was doing and made a better choice.” Marvelous! We are so proud of you!

    Today’s lesson is on “Reciprocity 2”:   “Reciprocity 2” is when you give something away and it returns to you manifold. This means that for every damaging thing that you do – you will receive three fold what you gave out yourself. It’s the “Rule of Three” and it is real.

     So give out friendliness, concern for your fellow human beings, compassion and the like, and you will receive three times that amount of goodness in your life and your “Tube of Blessings” will open up threefold. Give out meanness, mean spirited emotions and actions, hurt others and it will come back to you threefold – AND your “Tube of Blessings” will shrink up. That’s how this works. It never fails.

     What can you do about this? Plan! Plan out how you are going to behave each day. Plan how you are going to phrase things to your fellow human beings. Plan how you intend to “be” for each day. Plan your day in this way so there are no surprises.

     This is the way you can avoid the karma that you don’t want, and have the threefold law work in your favor. 

   - Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


Mandy Arwen