Don't Disturb my Slumber

Thursday, May 31st  2018 Divine Message

     Hello Honored Ones. Let me think back to November – when you didn’t realize that you would be receiving these daily messages. You were doing the best you could with every decision you had to make. ‘ Don’t disturb my slumber’ is the sign many of you had on your hearts. You were happy doing what you have always done and weren’t looking for anything like this to come along.

     Now look at you! You are growing leaps and bounds and you never expected it. This is very rewarding to Us as growth is something you do on purpose. You are all very purposeful these days!

     Thank You from the bottom of Our hearts for opening your doors to Us. We so enjoy coming to you each day with a Message of good will. Today let us cover something new – Acceptance.

     Acceptance is what you do when your heart is wide open and you go with the flow rather than buck the system of what you see going on around you. It is so important that you be Accepting of your circumstances, for then and only then can you change them without needing to Forgive first.  Be Accepting as often as you can and realize that everything is temporary. Life ebbs and flows like the sea. It comes and it goes. Your circumstances will never remain the same for very long. Life has a way of changing on you, sometimes when you least expect it to.

     Be Accepting of your circumstances and then take a stand to create the changes that you wish to see in your world. It is often merely a decision of yours that can change a situation from one thing to another. Acceptance comes first. Then change can come freely and easily. Fighting your circumstances only inhibits your faith that God is doing everything possible within your potential to help you. Have faith that God is helping you through every change. Faith and Acceptance are the key words today.

- Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


Mandy Arwen