The Trap Called Complaining

Sunday, May 27th 2018 Daily Message

     Hello Dear Honored Ones – today let me begin by saying that this notion that you can complain and not have negative consequences is a myth. Complaining is a sure signal to your soul that you are unhappy with the way things are going so your soul gives you more to complain about since you are not being grateful for the things that ARE going well.

     Your soul is a mirror image to your brainwaves and therefore gives you exactly what you appear to want. Complaints give the impression that you want more and more and more of the same, when you could just as easily be grateful for all the blessings in the world around you.

     Complaining is not going to affect you the way you intend it to. You sometimes feel pain in your life circumstances so you complain figuring that this will improve your situation. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When you are grateful, your brainwaves tell your soul that you would like more things to be grateful for.

     Be sure you know what you are doing when you express concern, and caution when you complain too much. It has become more natural these days to complain than express gratitude to God for your circumstances – which you create by the way.

     Please be aware that this is not a punishment as you might think. It is merely the way energy works. Express yourselves very carefully and plan out what you will put ‘out there’ for the Universe to Hear. You will reflect back to yourselves what you express literally. For goodness sake – be grateful so that more good can come your way. Avoid the trap called complaining so that your “Tube of Blessings” is always wide open. 


- Channeled from Archangel Michael and

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


Mandy Arwen