Stake Your Claim!

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018 Daily Message

     Hello Honored Ones! Today let Us focus on your part in the manifestation of your heart’s desires. It is actually up to you to do your own part in this significant process. No more believing that manifestation comes through the believing that you can have what you want just by thinking about it. 

      It takes ACTION and focus …laser-beam focus to significantly increase the likeliness of your dreams becoming a reality. ACTION means you do something to take steps toward your desired goal. ACTION means you head toward your goal of manifesting with steps that bring you physically closer. 

      Goal lists, Rampages of Gratitude, Visualization and the like are good starting points but as you step into what you desire with actionable methods you come closer and closer to your goals, incredibly so. 

     What will it take to bring your goal into fulfillment physically? If you are emotionally and physically prepared, then you must step up and stake your claim! What can you physically do to get closer and closer to your goal? Can you make a few phone calls and do some research about your desire? Can you take your dream for a “test drive” out in the real world? What can you DO? Take actionable steps toward reaching your desire and it will come faster and provide you with the clarity you need to draw it closer and closer to you. Actionable methods…stake your claim!


- Channeled from Archangel Michael and The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


Mandy Arwen