Uranus and Gratitude

Friday, May 18th 2018 Daily Message

      Dear Honored Ones – How marvelous it is to see each and every one of you respond to the new energies of the Uranus shift! We are so excited for you all! What have you noticed so far? What growth opportunities are you aware of? Where are you headed? What are you being given to work with at this time?

     Very exciting! We are so excited for you! This is what many of you have been waiting for…the long awaited manifestation of your dreams coming true. How will you behold this energy? What will you do with it all? How thankful will you be to God for this miraculous shifting of potentials?

     This is a time to fill yourselves with Gratitude. Gratitude that you are justifiably aware of. This is the time to be Grateful for your life, and its many wonderments. This is the time to be Grateful for everything you see happening – whether you understand it or not.

     Gratitude will swing you back into miracles of manifestations that you have been long waiting for. Be Grateful for any shifting you see and be Grateful for anything that looks different because it is a sign that you are acknowledging your Presence during such a fabulous time in your lives.

     All the different “combination platters” you see around you are manifestations of this shift in energies. Use it to your best of abilities. You are capable of making and creating significant progress now in your dreams and potentials. Don’t Give Up! This may take some time as you adjust to the frequency shift. Don’t Give Up on your dreams if you don’t see it happening right away. You have planted seeds and now is the time for the harvest.

     Harvest away and dream big! The time has come to be aware of all the shifts in energies that come your way. You might be surprised at the rate of manifestations you see around you now. Be well Honored Ones and have fun with this. You are on your way to the “time of your life”!


 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


Mandy Arwen