You Deserve A Prosperous Life

Monday, November 26th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Let Us tell you somethings about Prosperity. Prosperity is an umbrella term for Health, Wealth, Harmony, Peace of Mind, and Serenity. When some of you hear the word Prosperity…your mind goes directly to Money. But this is only a part or segment of the term.

     Prosperity is something everyone hopes to attain. Whether you know it or not, Prosperity is what your soul wants at all times. But how do you get it?

     In order to have Health, Wealth, Harmony, Peace of Mind and Serenity, you must have an active and faithful relationship with God. God provides Prosperity just like He provides all the supply in your life. To obtain and keep your Prosperity, you must develop a working relationship with God.

     It is perfectly right for you to pray for Prosperity…even money.  God wants you to have everything you need for your life time. Money is a big part of having your needs met and that is what God does…provides for your needs.

     In order to obtain the full scope of Prosperity in your life – do one thing – PRAY. Develop a loving and trusting relationship with God and PRAY for what you need and want. Ask directly for Prosperity. Ask for a lot of Prosperity. Ask for Health, Wealth, Harmony in relationships, Peace of Mind and Serenity directly. 

     Get quiet now, and think in your mind what true Prosperity in your life would look like. Call to mind the things that make up Prosperity and ask God for them. See yourself having excellent health, plentiful wealth, harmony in every relationship, peace of mind at all times and serenity in all circumstances. This is what your life can look like. 

     PRAY. Get quiet and ask God for these very things – breathe deeply and develop a relationship with God. Allow Him to direct you and your choices so that Prosperity will be yours. You deserve a Prosperous life. You do!

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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