Divine Order, Comfort And Relief

Sunday, November 25th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Stress is an indicator that all is not well. When you or someone is stressed, things are not in Divine Order. You could feel overwhelmed or inundated. Let me give you some tips:


When you are stressed – you can get out of it by taking time to pray for Divine Order, comfort and relief.


When you are stressed – you could meditate for a little while to get centered in God again.


When you are stressed – you could breathe deeply three times and think about what you wish was happening with your imagination.


     Stress comes about when you are overly concerned. This can happen when you have

 “too many coals in the fire.” Worry must be released and peace must reign supreme. In order to have peace – you must know that everything can go well. You must involve God. Affirm that “God is in charge and all is well.”

     Managing stress is like managing an errant child. You must take control of yourself first before handling the child. The same goes for stress…you must gain control of yourself before anything can improve.

     Handle yourself gently by giving thanks to God for everything that IS going right in your life. Thanksgiving is a very powerful lubricant for trouble. Say Thank You to God for His goodness and for taking care of you. Once you give thanks, you will feel much better and God can step in and work magic. Try this. You will be pleased!

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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