There Are Themes

Thursday, November 22nd  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Today’s topic is the writing of sacred contracts. As you may or may not know – when you are in Spirit and decide to return to Earth for an incarnation, you write out a contract. This contract speaks to the essence of what you will be experiencing, learning, growing through and doing.

     This contract in no way nullifies your free will. You may always do exactly as you like at every moment. However, there are themes that you write into your life – such as overcoming obstacles, needing to become independent of a parent’s grip, asserting yourself, overcoming troublesome issues and the like.

     What is important to remember – is that you write your own contract and choose the themes that you will experience. Things that you consider to be bad now, are really growth opportunities that you wrote in because you wanted to strengthen a part of your soul. 

     You see, when you are in Spirit, you can see the whole picture…the big picture of your life and incarnation…you see the roadblocks and opportunities for growth from a larger scale. You have perspective. Once on Earth, you only see a chunk of your incarnation and an obstacle can be utterly overwhelming at the time. However, you will come through it. Your soul will have grown.

     What is also important to remember, is that you have free will to choose how you will navigate these experiences. Your response is your choice and the more experienced   you become, the better your responses will be. You learn and take your learning to the Other Side. 

     Your Spirit Guides and Angels…and of course God are with you every step of the way…that is Their contract. They love and adore you and help you on your way. When you return to Spirit, you will see the entirety of your incarnation in full perspective again. You will see the choices you made and the obstacles you overcame. You will be proud of yourself! You should be proud of yourself right now! For going through an obstacle or debacle can be utterly frustrating and you are doing it! 

     Be proud of yourself, Dear One, and look for the intrinsic lesson in each of your experiences. If you can see or suppose why your soul has chosen to learn something, your life will make much more sense and you will not experience resentment to the same degree. Be well my Dear One and remember that We All love you from up here. Amen.  

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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