It Can Rock Your World

Sunday, November 18th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Grief is Our topic today. This is a phenomenal time in history for human beings. There are transformations happening within all and each of you lately that you might not understand. Let me explain:

     This is a time of releasing – releasing all that does not serve you any longer. Worn-out conditions, worn-out relationships and worn-out beliefs that are holding you back from leading an authentic and fulfilling life. When God presents you with something to be released, it can rock your world – so to speak. 

     You might feel unstable emotionally, or ungrounded for a time, or ever grouchy or depressed. It will pass! But going through it is no picnic for you. Grief is a main thing to be released from your system energetically. You all have woundings from childhood that stay with you your whole life unless it is healed. God and your Soul present these woundings to you in the form of memories so that you will address them and heal them.

     Then you can move on. So you may experience the feelings of grief even though nothing has happened to you – other than the purposeful releasing of old wounds whose time has come to be healed. 

     The best thing for you to do during these phases is four – fold: 


First, write daily gratitude lists (but only of things you are actually grateful for)…start with ten things you are very grateful for in your life. 


Next – choose three people who really irk and bother you, and send them love and blessings energetically…make peace with them mentally.


 Next – Forgive anyone in your past that contributes to your pain. Realize that everyone has their own personal wounds and are acting out of them. So when we are mistreated – it is because another is wounded and isn’t healing it - they are unaware of their pattern.


 Finally - write out something that you want in life and explore it with your mind and feelings. Let God know what you would like in your life so He can show you how to have it.

     Sometimes when you release a lot of grief you may get sick out of the blue and feel under the weather…you may need a few days to rest from exhaustion. This is all normal and cannot be avoided. Allow yourself the rest that you need….remember…this too shall pass. Amen.

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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